Poem #3 – Everything is Temporary

everything is temporaryA lot of chapters written and expressed with so many emotions I’ve given.
Impossible to tear it up and remain Unforgiving. And I work all day to pay my mortgage bills like
bkr hypotheken, because I can’t be forsaken.

Life is like a wrapped gift you don’t want to damage.
Time is passing by and there are moments with lasting tears when I cry.

Stuck in the essence of Pain.
Spoken Words protect when I say I’m fine, but these are lies for the good cause.

I’m saving the bad things for the environment and your thoughts, but that’s me.Full with contradictions and your name deeply carved in my distorted heart.

The idea of happiness is like a daydream. a curse of mixed illusions that gave me a crazy vision I only see.

It takes a long while to believe that I’m strong or weak. Or is it wrong that I peak.
Real love is what I need and eventually you will too and that’s the truth..

Everything is Temporary.

Poem #2 – The System & The Single Perception

perceptionLet me tell you a story about philosophy.
There was a fallen soul who believed in honesty.
It went worse like the economy, but can you follow me?
He didn’t accept any weak apologies.

Living a prodigy and writing a lot of mythology, because he was on his own.
He still had a lot to see and he was proud to be a poet, because he felt like he was chosen above the hopeless and he loved the rhythm and poetry.

He was spitting about the poor living. He was giving the rhythm nobody else could even tip him, but the thing is he had life to begin with and it was so vivid.

His lyrics strongly began to kill it, but beginning to be lyrically liquid.
Everybody said hit it, but he didn’t know where to begin with.
He was willing to be ill in a world full with skills.
He ain’t the only one so he said whats the deal.

Every night practicing and he started acting for real.
with no lack of skill, with the ladies it was no deal.

Poem #1 – End The Hurt

end the hurtEndings hurt, And I can’t do nothing about it.
Emotions are dying like human lives.
It’s just making me sick, the hate is already arrived.
Dying thoughts are keeping my mind alive.

But anyway I just don’t see not any way for many days to be here. I need to find out where I belong instead of finding myself in sad songs I got used to moving on.
I guess time understands me like I do.

I’m looking in the mirror and he is saying i got to fight like you.
I don’t know if God writes signs too, but I don’t mind.
Good things end before you realize it and the bad things stick with you, until you end it yourself.